Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Goa Jepang (Japanese Cave, Biak Island)

Goa Jepang is a cave located in Taman Hutan Ir. Juanda, Bandung. The three-kilometer-long cave was discovered in 1943 by Japanese soldiers. They occupied three large rooms built inside the cave. After they managed to shoot down a U.S. plane from their hiding place, the U.S. army found them and in the early morning of July 7, 1944, they attacked the cave. The Americans dropped drums of gasoline into the hideout and blasted them from the air, setting the cave into fire. Some 3,000 Japanese soldiers were trapped and killed in the attack.  The cave still shows signs of the heavy bombardment.

Years later, the scattered bones of the Japanese soldiers were collected by locals and stored. In September 1999, many of the skeletal remains were taken by the Japanese government. Then, they cremated them and brought the ashes back to Japan.
Near Goa Jepang::Goa Belanda,,Curug Ciomas

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