Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pasar Baru

Pasar Baru is surely the heaven for women! This building is located 30 minutes from the heart of Bandung. It is actually really close to other places but the traffic especially on weekend is so busy so u might need to spend 5 hours for Pasar Baru,,(the trip + shopping hour),,=))
Pasar Baru has 8 levels,,and what to buy here??here's the list::
2. kebaya
4.(really2 beautiful) abaya
6. various kind of fabrics for baju kurung
7. laces fabrics
9.chips and crackers
10. (& of course) souvenirs

the recommended shops for you is Bandung textile in level 2 for fabrics,,and one shop on level 3,,specialist for telekung,,abaya and blouse,,but i don't remember the name(so sorry),,but u can always ask Pak Asep for it.
trying on abaya

too many to choose,,so get moody(*_*)

viscose,english cotton,,opal,,just name it

the heir of Bandung textile maybe.


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