Sunday, June 19, 2011

For Men Factory Outlet

This is the only factory outlet for men only. 
So girls, if you'd like to search gifts for your boyfriend, here is the place.
For Men sells t-shirt, jeans, under wears, shoes, hats, and all men outfits. 
This place also great for guys who don't want to follow your ladies when they're shopping crazy around the factory outlets along RE Martadinata street.

There are many FOs in RE Martadinata street, 
I can not mention the name one by one, some FO are closed and change with the new ones and new vendors. But the three Fo (Heritage, The Summit, and For Men) remain the same. 
Just walk along the street and browse yourself.


  1. Sounds like Pak Asep is pretty good as a driver and guide. Maybe I will use his services one day. Everyone should check out CIACI VIP English located on Jl. Dago Barat No. 1 Bandung 40134. Here is the website for more information.

  2. Great store for men. If you want to go into a store get what you need and move on with the rest of the day. Then this store is for you


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