Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Secret Factory Outlet

The Secret Factory Outlet at Jalan Riau is the first outlet you see when you get there. 
Nice design and very modern. 
Inside, the deco is one of the best around from what I have seen. 
The area is divided into three areas. 
The main adult shopping, a courtyard with toilets, free wi-fi and some stalls selling food and drinks. 
Then they have a kids section on the opposite side of the building.

Shopping for kids is a haven at these factory outlets as there are just so many choices for you. 
Top brands and for all ages with really nice designs. 
Not like the ones you get in Tesco or Giant here. 
Oh yeah, for the women, this place has some great shopping too. 
So remember the name 'The Secret Factory Outlet' in Jalan Riau.


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