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Bandung car rental, kereta sewa Bandung
After the Indonesian government set the price hike of fuel oil a few days ago, then to update this information I provide information to you and I hope the reader and the traveler are understands or the rise in the price update.

I hope to update these prices, your visit to Bandung or Java is not an obstacle to be your tourist destination, as the price increases, I also wanted to improve services for travelers.

These are the price lists for Pak Asep's service. Driver is included, of course. Unfortunately,, services only available around Bandung. But Pak Asep can drive you to Jakarta too. And available other places like Jogjakarta,,Bali,,Surabaya,,etc. But Just name a place in Bandung,,he'll take you there!

Capacity max. 5-6 persons
Bandung rent car : IDR 450.000/day
Jakarta rent car : IDR 650.000/day
Safari rent car : IDR 650.000/day
Max. Duration of service is 12 hours or 10 PM
As of : January 2018 - December 2018

Capacity max.6 persons
Bandung rent car : IDR 450.000/day
Jakarta rent car : IDR 650.000/day
Safari rent car : IDR 650.000/day
Max. Duration of service is 12 hours or 10 PM
As of : January 2018 - December 2018

Capacity Max.7 persons
Bandung rent car : IDR 600.000/day
Jakarta rent car : IDR 800.000/day
Safari rent car : IDR 800.000/day
Max. Duration of service is 12 hours or 10 PM
As of : January 2018 - December 2018


Bandung rent car  : IDR 800.000/day
Jakarta rent car : IDR 1.000.000/day
Safari rent car : IDR 1.000.000/day
Max. Duration of service is 12 hours or 10 PM
As of : January 2018 - December 2018

Bandung rent car  : IDR 1.200.000/day
Jakarta rent car : IDR 1.400.000/day
Safari rent car : IDR 1.400.000/day
Max. Duration of service is 12 hours or 10 PM
As of : January 2018 - December 2018

Max 15 seater
Bandung rent car  : IDR 1.200.000/day
Jakarta rent car : IDR 1.400.000/day
Safari rent car : IDR 1.400.000/day
Max. Duration of service is 12 hours or 10 PM
As of : January 2018 - December 2018


All prices shown are including PETROL , TOLL , PARKING FEES, DRIVER MEAL and DRIVER SERVICE.


Should you have any requirement,,or to make any order,you can directly contact Pak Asep at his mobile, WhatsApp, email or facebook.

Phone Number : +6282240973333 (Call)
+6285759135587 (WhatsApp)

WhatsApp, Line, Wechat, Viber, and Kakaotalk.

You can also drop an email at or
Thank you all! 


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Jakarta Bandung Return Leisure

Jakarta Bandung 4 night 5 days Return

The Classic route Jakarta Bandung still exist till today, this route for travelers who want enjoy their holiday. In this Program you can visit many spot tourist place between Jakarta - Puncak (high land) - Bandung and back to Jakarta via highway.
4 night 5 days more than enough in your holiday. This is the itinerary Jakarta Bandung 4 night 5 days.

Day 1. (Morning flight / midday flight from your country) Pick up, meet and greet at Jakarta international airport than continue take a tour Jakarta city tour such as visit Fatahillah museum, Sunda Kelapa old harbour or direct shopping at ITC Mangga Dua Jakarta, lunch in Jakarta than continue to Bogor city check in at local hotel in Bogor.

Day 2. After breakfast, check out hotel than continue to Safari Park near puncak pass, lunch time in Safari Park area, around 16.00 pm continue to Bandung and stay over night at local hotel in Bandung.

Day 3. Around 08.00 am after breakfast go to south Bandung visiting Kawah Putih / White Crater, on the way back visit strawberry farm in ciwidey, lunch time in ciwidey, than back to Bandung city go to shopping at Toko Tiga and Jalan Riau such as Heritage factory outlet, The Summit, The Secret and ect, dinner and back to hotel, free at your own leisure.

Day 4. After breakfast around 09.30 am shopping at Pasar Baru, lunch time in Pasar Baru or other restaurant, continue shopping at Jalan Dago such as Grande factory outlet, glow and ect, if time allow go to Jalan Setiabudi area shopping at Rumah Mode and ect.

Day 5. Breakfast, check out hotel than buy some cake such as Kartika Sari and Brownies Amanda before back to Jakarta to get your flight ( night flight or afternoon flight) and end of service.

Note :
Arrival flight morning flight or midday from your country, take flight around 08.00 am or 10.00 am.
Departure flight afternoon flight or night flight from Jakarta to your country around 18.00 pm or 20.00 am

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Bandung Tour 3 Night 4 Days

Car Rental Service Feat Bandung Tour 3 night 4 days.

For who have medium budget and short holiday, better take car rental combination with this tour program. Anyway Bandung tour 3 night 4 days is completely and best itinerary Bandung tour. On our posting before, we have already explain about Bandung destination, where best place and etc.

Bandung Tour 3 night 4 days will effective or will work 100% if you have direct flight to Bandung. Such as Kualalumpur - Bandung or Singapore - Bandung, otherwise you can landed in Jakarta airport and continue to Bandung but you will lose your time, as we know Jakarta always have traffic jam or flooded in  raining season.

For travelers who to visit and to know all Bandung destination better take Bandung tour 3 night 4 days, with condition :
Direct flight to Bandung.
Morning flight on arrival.
Late afternoon flight on departure.
Surely take car rental service or travel agent.

This the secret Car Rental Service Feat Itinerary Bandung Tour 3 night 4 days.

Day 1. (morning flight) meet and greet at Bandung airport about 09.00 am local time, drive to North Bandung visit Tangkuban Perahu, ciater hot spring take a lunch and shopping at Jalan Setiabudi area (Rumah Mode, fashion world and Paris van Java mall). dinner and check in hotel late night (free at your own leisure).

Day 2. After breakfast around 07.30 am, drive to south Bandung visiting Kawah putih or white crater, Strawberry farm visit take a lunch, than continue shopping at Cibaduyut leather factory area, continue to Toko Tiga for jeans factory outlet, dinner time and back to hotel, free at your own leisure.

Day 3. After breakfast around 09.00 am local time, continue shopping to Pasar Baru. Just for to know Pasar Baru has 6 floor, every single floor you need more than 1 hour to explore them. take a lunch on 6 floor in Pasar Baru, for to know Pasar Baru will close at 17.00pm, afternoon continue shopping at Jalan Riau and Jalan Dago area, in both this area many cheap think such as tshirt and pants. please maintain your time in the last day in Bandung.

Day 4. After breakfast around 09.00 am, check out hotel, than continue to Trans Studio Bandung in door Theme Park, the biggest area in Asia, afternoon after visiting Trans Studio go to Kartika Sari cake and Brownies Amanda before catch your flight. drop to Bandung airport and end of service.(late departure flight)

Must know..!!!
You must know time work in Bandung always between 8 - 12 hours, its mean if factory outlet open at 10.00 am they will closed at 21.00 pm, for Pasar Baru 8 hours work. time to the best visit Volcano such as Tangkuban Perahu and Kawah Putih between 10.00 am - 12.00 pm. last order dinner time at restaurant at 21.00 pm. MAINTAIN YOUR TIME REMEMBER.!!!!

Bandung Tour 2 Night and 3 Day

Bandung Itinerary tour program for our customer 

This itinerary effective if you have morning flight arrival and late afternoon flight departure, in Bandung airport only.
Itinerary Bandung tour 2 night and 3 days very good for new travelers who want know Bandung on the face.
I Luv Bandung serve not only Car Rental Service only in Bandung but we can serve all of Java Island. From Bandung With Love we serve with low price.

This is Itinerary Bandung Tour 2 Night and 3 Day.

Day 1. ( Morning flight )

Bandung city have two vulcano area: 

* you can choose one of the vulcano area

* and you can visit other vulcano area on the next day

Tangkuban parahu program
√ Meet and Greet at Bandung airport
√ Visiting Tangkuban Perahu
√ Sari Ater (Ciater)Hotspring
√ Lunch time (Kampung daun Resto or Floating market, etc)tentative program.
√ Strawberry Farm
√ Tea plantation
√ Check in at local hotel in Bandung
√ at night visit Jalan Setiabudi area for Shopping such as Rumah Mode and Fashion World Factory outlet, etc
√ dinner
√ back to hotel, free at your own leisure.

Kawah putih tour program
√ Meet and Greet at Bandung airport
√ visiting kawah putih
√ hotspring
√ Patenggang Lake
√ Strawberry Farm
√ Tea palantation
√ shopping Cibaduyut leather etc
√ Transtudio theme park
√ dinner
√ back to hotel

Day 2. After breakfast around 09.00am local time
√ From Hotel
√ continue to Pasar Baru shopping complex, for to know The Pasar Baru has 6 floor, every single for you need 1.5 hour at least for explore that area,take a lunch at Pasar Baru on level 6,
√ After Pasar Baru continue shopping at Toko Tiga Jeans Factory Outlet, in this place you can found original jeans brand such as Levi's, Lee and ect.
√ Dinner at Dago hill area 
√ back to hotel.

Day 3. Take a breakfast 08.00am local time after breakfast 09.30am local time,
√ check out hotel
√ continue visit jalan Riau Factory Outlet area, in this area more than 15 Factory Outlet
√ Factory Outlet in Jalan Dago, in this area more than 10 Factory Outlet, and you must maintain your time
√ Before catch your flight you will buy some cake Kartika Sari or Amanda Brownies the famous cake in Bandung.
√ Then continue to Bandung airport catch your flight and end of service I Luv Bandung Tour Program 2 Night and 3 Day.

Please Feel Free contact Us for any question or other special request..!!!  

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Welcome To for Support Nice



Ciwidey, Bandung - Located on the highlands of  Ciwidey, these beautiful tea plantation and lake is just one of the visitors' location you should not miss when you visit Bandung.

Dari banyak objek wisata di Ciwidey, sekitar 40 kilometer selatan Kota Bandung yang sekarang masuk wilayah Kabupaten Bandung, Jawa Barat, pada bagian paling atas pendakian terdapat Situ Patenggang berupa danau di sisi bukit kebun teh menyediakan perahu untuk pengunjung yang ingin berkeliling situ dengan air tenang dan bening. Para pengunjung hanya beberapa saat mendayung perahu seolah sudah “tertelan” kabut embun yang hanya ada pada saat musim penghujan.

Setiap  pengunjung yang ingin berkeliling naik perahu cukup membayar Rp 15 ribu dengan bersama pengunjung lainnya bisa melihat pemandangan di dasar Situ Patenggang yang berhawa sejuk sambil menikmati minuman khas bandrek penghangat tubuh.

Pada dataran tinggi Situ Patenggang terdapat villa yang bisa disewa untuk rombongan yang perlu menginap dari tarif Rp800 ribu/malam dengan tiga kamar, sebuah villa pada bagian atas hanya Rp400 ribu/malam juga dengan tiga kamar, dan villa lainnya.

Menurut pengelola villa di kawasan tersebut, sudah banyak orang dari Jakarta, Bandung dan kota lainnya di Indonesia yang menjajaki untuk sewa villa menghabiskan hari libur akhir tahun.
Seorang wartawan senior di Bandung, Her Suganda dalam buku “Jendela Bandung, Pengalaman Bersama Kompas” bercerita banyak tentang keindahan Pariangan, termasuk petunjuk mendatangi kawasan Ciwidey. Untuk menjangkau kawasan wisata Ciwidey bisa melewati pintu tol Kopo, Sayati, Soreang.

Selain Gunung Patuha, Ciwidey memiliki beberapa tempat yang selama ini banyak dikunjungi wisatawan berupa Perkebunan Teh Gambung, Punceking, Perkebunan Teh Patuha, Pemandian Air Panas Cimanggu, Wanawisata Ranca Upas, Agrowisata Walini dan Rancasuni.
Perkebunan Teh Gambung terletak pada ruas jalan Soreang-Ciwidey kemudian memasuki jalan menuju Balai Penelitian Teh dan Kina (BPTK) Gambung. Di tempat ini terdapat makam Ir. Rudolf Kerkhoven, salah seorang pionir Preanger Planters.

Adapun Punceling merupakan wanawisata seluas tiga hektare, berupa hutan alam dan hutan Eucalypus yang biasa dijadikan tempat kegiatan wisata lintas alam dan sumber air panas. Letaknya tidak jauh dari Kawah Putih.

Perkebunan Teh Patuha bisa ditempuh dengan jalan kaki selama kurang lebih satu jam dari Kawah Putih. Udaranya sejuk dengan pemandangan indah. Selain bisa melihat Kawas Saat di Gunung Patuha, dari perkebunan ini bisa terlihat keindahan Situ Patenggang.

Pemandian air panas Cimanggu, dibangun di atas lahan lima hektare pada tahun 1987 dan merupakan pemandian air panas yang dilengkapi dengan kolam pemandian terbuka, kamar-kamar pemandian tertutup, dan villa.

Wanawisata Ranca Upas, merupakan wanawisata yang dibangun di atas lahan seluas 14,5 hektare. Sekitar 10 Ha di antaranya merupakan hutan biasa yang dimanfaatkan untuk lintas alam dan lapangan terbuka untuk berkemah, 4,5 Ha tempat penangkaran rusa (Cervus timorensis).

Melalui shelter yang dibangun pada pintu masuk, pengunjung bisa menikmati sepuas-puasnya perilaku rusa dan rusa bisa dipanggil melalui lengkingan suara pawang.

Agrowisata Walini dan Rancasuni, selain merupakan perkebunan teh, agrowisata ini memiliki fasilitas kolam renang air panas, villa, dan cottage.

Adapun makanan khas Ciwidey berupa kalua dan sonco dengan bahan baku dari kulit jeruk bali yang kemudian dicampur gula dan diberi zat pewarna agar menarik. Selin itu juga ada minuman khas bandrek banyak dijajakan di kios-kios yang terdapat di kiri-kanan jalan tidak jauh dari Pasar Ciwidey.

Pesona lain dari Ciwidey berupa buah stroberi segar dengan cara memetik sendiri dari kebun, banyak ditawarkan para petani di sepanjang jalan Desa Alam Endah, ada juga dijadikan dodol yang dikemas dalam dus kecil.

Objek wisata alam di kawasan Ciwidey tampaknya cukup aman untuk dikunjungi pada musim penghujan karena kondisi jalan yang relatif stabil, berbeda objek wisata alam lainnya di Jawa Barat yang cukup rawan dikunjung pada musim penghujan seperti kawasan sekitar Gunung Galunggung di wilayah Tasiklamaya. Pada saat musim penghujan jalan licin dan ancaman bahaya longsor.

Menurut Kasubdin Kesenian Dinas Kebudayaan dan Pariwisata Jawab Barat Drs. Wawan Irawan , kalau tetap mau dan memaksakan diri datang ke kawasan Gunung Galunggung, datanglah selagi hari masih pagi agar dapat merayapi Kota Tasikmalaya yang masih berselimutkan kabut. Udara dingin tidak membuat cepat letih menapaki anak tangga.

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What My Customers in Comments

What My Customers in Comments

I just think to put list of my customers early 2013 even though i have been a "supir" for years....

1. 15 - 19 January 2013 - Syahrul and Yati (Malaysia)  

Friday, February 17, 2012

Read the Very First Post about with Us

Hello every one,,assalamualaikum to all muslims,,
My name is Fatimah Azwiah,, and i am one of Pak Asep's customer. I went to Bandung last week (Feb 11 until 15 Feb) with my friends who used to be there before. actually it is me who made this blog for Pak Asep,,and why is it that i am willing to do all this?that must be because of Pak Asep is so handsome?
u should just go there and find out,,me myself cannot describe who is Pak Asep.i just can say he was so humble,,and amazingly patient,,and plus he was an expert driver around won't be late,,he knows Bandung like no others.
so how do i know Pak Asep?it's my friend who recommended him to first i doubted if he was as good as my friends told me.i always see cracks in everything people told me,,(so bad of me),,but once i went there,,i was amazed with Pak it with Pak Asep's service,,or be it with his personality.
so here i am,,back in Malaysia decided to do some volunteer promotion for Pak Asep.(seriously i'm not making money doing this),,he used to tell me that he really need promotion through the internet,,and driving tourist is the only job he can hang on to support his family,,so he can save more money to own his own MPV.i wish he will make it soon for he is so worth it.believe me,,he was so nice that i was willing to create a blog for him!

me with Pak Asep at Rumah Mode

the very next post i will update on the price list for his service(car rental),, the itinerary,,the links to hotels and i'll do the best i can to make this blog easy for you,,,all in Bandung.5 days in Bandung and i'm in love for my entire life!

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The Secret Factory Outlet

The Secret Factory Outlet at Jalan Riau is the first outlet you see when you get there. 
Nice design and very modern. 
Inside, the deco is one of the best around from what I have seen. 
The area is divided into three areas. 
The main adult shopping, a courtyard with toilets, free wi-fi and some stalls selling food and drinks. 
Then they have a kids section on the opposite side of the building.

Shopping for kids is a haven at these factory outlets as there are just so many choices for you. 
Top brands and for all ages with really nice designs. 
Not like the ones you get in Tesco or Giant here. 
Oh yeah, for the women, this place has some great shopping too. 
So remember the name 'The Secret Factory Outlet' in Jalan Riau.

Heritage Factory Outlet

The Heritage building is one of the old Dutch influenced architecture and refurbished to maintain its look. It is connected to another huge factory outlet called Cascade. The items here are pretty good as well. I got some nice tees for my nephew in here. Easily one can spend a good 6 to 10 hours in the Jalan Riau area so be warned and warn your husbands or boyfriend

The Heritage building is one of the old Dutch influenced architecture and refurbished to maintain its look. 
It is connected to another huge factory outlet called Cascade.
The items here are pretty good as well. I got some nice tees for my nephew in here. 
Easily one can spend a good 3 to 4 hours in the Jalan Riau area so be warned and warn your husbands or boyfriend

The Summit Factory Outlet

Across from Heritage, you will find The Summit. Just like the Heritage and other factory outlets
The Summit sells almost the same thing.

But the collections and the atmosphere are different. It's worth trying I think. You will find different brands, different quality and style.

For Men Factory Outlet

This is the only factory outlet for men only. 
So girls, if you'd like to search gifts for your boyfriend, here is the place.
For Men sells t-shirt, jeans, under wears, shoes, hats, and all men outfits. 
This place also great for guys who don't want to follow your ladies when they're shopping crazy around the factory outlets along RE Martadinata street.

There are many FOs in RE Martadinata street, 
I can not mention the name one by one, some FO are closed and change with the new ones and new vendors. But the three Fo (Heritage, The Summit, and For Men) remain the same. 
Just walk along the street and browse yourself.

Terminal TAS Factory Outlet

Terminal TAS Factory Outlet

Terminal TAS factory outlet is well known for their bags, purses and shoes.
Some gentlemen items available. 
Nothing to shout about in terms of brands, so no high expectations please. 
I took a walk inside Terminal TAS but found nothing interesting. 
Then again for the working ladies, there seems to be a number of interesting items.

Victoria Factory Outlet

A huge place that stretches quite far in so do not be fooled by the main entrance as it look small from outside. Great stuff to be found here including kids clothes.Easily spend a good 1-2 hours at this factory outlet in the Dago district.

nice !!!

Victoria Factory Outlet Address:
Jalan Ir. H. Juanda No. 111
Bandung, Indonesia